Renu Mika is the main protaginist and leads the main role in the Four United Friends series. Mika is not a real character, but not known, she is a derivative/fan made character based off famous Japanese singer Hatsune Miku. On the character profile, she is considered the oppisite twin sister of Miku.


Mika has the same clothing as Miku except she has pants instead of a skirt and clips on the side of her hair. Her hairstyle is diffrent, she had hair on the bottom of her hair, which is bundled up with glowing red rings like Miku would do with her hair.


She is an ordinary girl who just sits alone with her best friends. Mika has a huge crush on Sasane An, but is not revealed to her friends. Mika was born to be a runner like Sasane, and also a gamergirl who games crazily. She is also obssed with other games and is a tomboy. Mika is and angry teen who is very violent and likes to kick and punch people. Once she and Sasane broke up and she wanted to toast him. But it never happened. She loves to sing World is Mine ( a song that Miku sung) or hum the tune. Mika also is cute sometimes but her face, all the time she squints. Offtenly, Mika is a quiet girl in class who rarely particapates unless the question is easy or she is called on.

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  • Renu Mikai- older brother/genderswap
  • Renu Mikio- older sister
  • Renu Mikao- younger sister
  • Patel Karina/Serina- best friends
  • Oceana Jenifer- best friend
  • Sasane An- love intrest