This is the Image Policy. Please do note to follow the Image Policy. I am expected that everyone follows:

The Image Policy has rules.

  • Please no nudity, mature, or sexual pictures allowed on this wiki. Those who upload these kind of pictures will be deleted and may be blocked for a # of days for how many photos you have uploaded.
  • Fanart is allowed on this wiki. The same thing, NO nudity, mature, or sexual images!  Also you will be blocked for the # of photos you upload that contain sexual, nudity, mature pictures! Kissing may be allowed but not so much.
  • You can create comics for telling the story too.
  • You are allowed to use doll bases, anime bases too.
  • Do not edit people's artwork. It's very rude and not cool unless given permission from the artist. I should see that you asked them on the wiki. It may be all right if you ask them on Facebook, Twitter, etc, I'm ok with that. I will ask the artist though.