FUF Special. Enjoy!

FUF Special EditionEdit

(Mika's diary)

             Dear Diary,

I't's very awesome in the academy. I made friends of course but even worse, a crush! Yes, I MEAN IT A CRUSH. MY ONLY TRUE LOVE. Mannnn he's soooo darn cute! So um I found out this Mystical fire ruby in the musuem and was coooollll! I sure wished I could of had it! So anyways back to the crush, his name is Sasane An, and I have some feelings: 1. Why would someone be named Sasane An???? 2. Um is he that popular and smart or super cute and popular but so stupid or dumb????? Well going in circles in my mind!

Well a few days ago, HE ACTED LIKE a jerk, a pervert, and a idiot. He accidently went into le girls' restroom and OUCH! He got slammed and (etc), plus he got hit so hard, I feel sorry. (well maybe)

So actully our crush ended in moments that lasted for 2-3 months! So what happened... Yes- AGHHH STOP it ok ok ok ok I'll tell you! Now...

Mika was sitting at her desk and Sasane was right across her. After Sasane could tell she liked him but just to be sure...

"Mika, um-u-u-mm..." Sasane stamered.

"What?" Mika asked.

Then one of the students came up and spoke:

"He wants to know if you like him."

"Nu-huh. What are you talking about?"

So a week later, Sasane had a talk with Mika. 

"Do you like me?"

"Seriously, whay's wrong? You might be asking the WRONG person."

"No I'm speaking to you and I'm talking to you."

"Sorry to say but...... you're A BAKA!"