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Four United Friends 4Edit

That night, Mikao kept tumbling around in her bed. To this night when she screamed, she woke everyone up. Mika, Mikai, and Mikio rushed to her room asking," What the @$%^ happened?"  Well Mikao would say,

" A giant spider!"

But this time it was no spider. It was nothing. Mikio was steaming mad because Mika and Mikai could tell.

"GET OUT OF HERE." Mikio saying everything in cold steel. Mika and Mikai shut the door closed and pretended walking back to their rooms. Instead they listened to the consversation Mikio and Mikao were having.

"Mikao, why are you lying to us?" Mikio asked sternly.

Mikao was silent and didn't respond.

"Mikao." Mikio asked seriously. "why were you lying?"

Mikao was silent.

"Mikao!!!!" she screamed. Blood struck out of Mika's and Mikai's ears from Mikio's screaming. They landed blat on the floor.

This time they got back up from the floor and and listend. Mikao did respond and heard her crying.

"I didn't mean too... I never said it..."

"Yes you did!"

"But you saw me sleeping..."

"Yes but your mouth moved."

"No, I did not. All I did was sleep. I didn't mutter, not a single word!"

"But you did! I saw your mouth moving!"

"Just go away. I'm trying to sleep."


Mikio was finished and walked back to the door.

"Bad sign!" Mika thought. She shoved Mikai into his room and saw Mikio stomping back to her room. Mikio shut the door closed in anger.

"h-" Mikai said.

  • SLAP*

"what is wrong with ya?? huh?" Mika whispered quietly.

"jeez sorry." Mikai whispered back. "plus get the @#$% out of here."