Volume 3! Enjoy!^^

FUF 3 Part 1Edit

"I'm home!" Mika called out into her house. Mikai, her brother greeted her. Mikao, Mika and Mikai's little sister also greeted Mika. 

"Hiiiiii" Mikao said lamley. Mika ignored Mikao until she was done.

FUF Part 2Edit

After finishing her boring homework (exponents, caculis, biology,english,japanese) she quickly jumped and turened on the TV. Turned on the WiiU consle and toosed the remotes to Mikai and Mikao. She then inserted the disc fo Super Mario. And yet did her "LEAP OF FAITH" and plopped on the cousion. BEEP BOOP BLEETH BEEP DINK OHHHNNONONONONO.... 

"AUGHHHH!" Mikao screamed. "I lost!!! #$%%$%^!!!!!"

"heheheh......" Mika snikered.

Contiuning, Mikao died in the game oftenly so Mika changed the disc to VOCALOID3. 

"Where in the world did ya get that? Mikai asked. That's not a real game."

"Whatever,Fanloid gave it to me!" Mika answered.

"Who's Fanloid?"




So where was I? Oh so Mika inserted VOCALOID3 and vwsooh!

The TV said, please put your finger on the WiiU control. All three of them did and names appeared. It was them and there info.

So it read:

Renu Mika                 Renu Mikai             Renu Mikao

01 Fanloid                  01 Fanloid              01 Fanloid

Hatsune Miku             Hatsune Mikuo         Hatsune Midori



It showed Hatsune Miku, Mikuo, and Midori.

"Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyy" Miku said.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" Mika shot back.





"Soo make sure you sing!" Mikuo told them.

Suddenly Mikuo and Midori dissapeared and Mika, Mikai, and Mikao's surrounding changing into Teto Kasane and Akita Neru. The three noticed they were singing Triple Baka. Mika held the mike in her hand on her independant trial.

"Baka baka baka naani mata mochinaoseba hora yaruki takusan afureru sunadokei no you ni..."

Mika's voice sounding almost like Miku's but one pitch higher.

Next it was Mikai's turn. " Isogashii no ni amaenagara yoseru kotoba ni sasoware 

"Kimi wa jitsu ni baka da naa" "Honki de tsuraretaa" Mikai sang EXCACTLY LIKE MIKUO.

Mikao's turn now! "Tekitou ni tsukuriageru dakedo nanika mono tarizu..." Mikao was ok put on the same track.


Winner: Mikai Renu!

1st Renu Mikai 2nd Renu Mika 3rd Renu Mikao

"DARN IT! WHHYYYYY?!!!!!????" Mikao screamed.

"Sing better next time!" Mikai told her.

It was 9:00 pm and- WAIT... 9:00!!!???

They all dashed and did everything that needed to be done.

By the time the were done, they slept...

By the time they were sleeping...


A terible crash came through the window...

"EKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mikao screamed.

"Calm down, Mikao, it's big sis Mikio."

Renu Mikio was the elder sister of the 3 of them. She was lazy often and tell Mikai to do everything.

"I'm home!!!!!" Mikio shouted. Her voice made Mikai slam the door and yelled under his breath, "Mikio!!! Be quiet!"

"Jeez. Sorry!" Mikio called.

"Plus sis, you almost made me bust the cap of Mikao because she screamed..." Mika said sleepily.

"Well that does it. Everyone GO TO SLEEP!" Mikio roared.

So everyone did.