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Four United Friends 2Edit

The Flashback

"Hey wait up Jay-Jay!" Mika shouted towards her friend.      
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"Catch me if ya can. Mika!" Jaylene shouted back.

Suddenly a storm hit and CRASH! It hit Jaylene! Paralysed, she fell to the ground. Mika gasped in terror that she had been hit by a lightning bolt.


Soon there was a funral for her friend.............

"Mika I'll be there......"

"HAH!" Mika awoke shocked.

She fell to the ground from her chair but Sasane caught her.

"OK You did NOT..."

Then she got up back on her chair and sat down. Soon later the academy allowed all students to have a break so Mika, Karina, Serina, and Jenifer dashed outside.

"You guys seem to be my friend..." Mika said. "We should be called Four United Friends aka FUF."

"How about AK4?" Karina sugguseted.

"Ok then who votes for FUF?"

Mika, Serina, and Jenifer raised their hands.

"How about AK4?"

Karina only raised her hand and sobbed.


"      ..." the 3 of them said....Edit

Countining on soon!