This is the first novel of Four United Friends. I hope you enjoy it! ^^

Four United Friends 1Edit

Renu Mika, a 16 year old girl walked and gazed at her academy. She was new to Kenzai Academy and had to make friends. It was sad that she had to move away from her greastest friends of all.

As she walked in two twins and one girl were standing together talking. They strangely looked at Mika.

"Who is this girl?" The older twin wondered.

"I know right? Who is she?" The younger twin asked.

"Hmmmmm..." the girl said with the twins.

As then Mika introduced her self.

"Uhhh- hi....."she stamered. "I'm Renu Mika. Call me Mika..."

"Well My name is Patel Karina. My little sissy here is Patel Serina. And over here is Ocena Jenifer." said Karina.

"Hi" Jenifer said.

"Hi" Serina said.

Mika through her mind also thought for making new friends and getting along with the academy.

"Can you please show me around? I'm new here" Mika told Karina.

"Umm sure why not?"


While walking Mika SAW A SUPER DUPER cute boy, her eyes could not get off him!

"Oh that person? His name is Sasane An."Serina told Mika. "Plus he's a really fast runner and strict when you don't get your eye's off of him."

Suddenly Sasane saw her!!

"OH GOSH NOOOOO!" Mika thoughts ran through her mind.

"Are you new here?" he asked. His words were the truth and bond.

"Ye-yes." Mika stamered and blushed at the same time.

"AGGHHHHHH!!!! MIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jenifer screamed on top of her lungs. UNFORTUNETLY the three of them ran away from Sasane like crazily.Sasane and Mika were the only ones standing in the hallway.

"... Ok... I see..." Sasane looked astonished. "Lot of girls like me. They kindly tell me they have a crush on me...

"I see. LET"S GET OUTTA HERE!" Mika shouted.



"I win!" Mika cheered on!

"You're fast"

"I know"

So they went off....

Contiuing next time!

Fanloid01 Mika Blush

Mika blushing in front of Sasane